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John Kennedy Wilson

John Kennedy Wilson is an Artist who always focused on his art career as a way of learning and teaching, even at a very young age. In 1989 Wilson entered the Newark Fire Academy where he started his career as a Fireman and became fast friends with Freddy Tenore.

In 1992 Wilson decided to go back to school part time to become what he wanted to be before he landed on the Newark Fire Department, a Fine Artist. duCret School of  Art, in Plainfield, NJ. is where Wilson got into computer design in 1994 after buying his first mac and he used the internet as a tool for self promotion and in 1995 he hooked up with Freddy Tenore and started showing him what he was learning about his new computer as they started collecting information and data to use in a project that would eventually lead to the concept and creation of  In May of 1997 Wilson Graduated from duCret as a Fine Artist/Illustrator.

In September of 1997 Wilson started a 6 month internship at SSD&W in Montville, NJ and learned how to understand the power of the WWW and Basic Web Design as he learned how to read and write HTML. This led him back to duCret School of  Art as an Instructor in September of 1998 as he went on to teach Basic HTML for 2 years and he and Freddy continued to hone their knowledge and skills. Each targeting their responsibilities as they developed the skill set necessary to complete their set common goals. Freddy Learned to be Director/Editor/Producer while attending classes at NYU as Wilson stayed up on technology while trying to stay ahead of the technology gap.. was Established in  1998 and the crash coarse began as Wilson and Freddy began learning the computer and the programs ON THE FLY necessary to make their vision a reality  to establish a new production company.’s 1st Production was the NFD Documentary about the Newark Fire Department. Titled  “Built on Tradition”  The Life of a Newark Firefighter.  It was based on real people that are  sprinkled throughout this website.  has captured the essence of the 20 year quest that began for Wilson with the obsession to draw and paint and has lead to some great accomplishments along the beaten path. It wasn’t until December 2001 that the documentary would be released.

Post 911 Wilson switched gears to studying for promotion using his Experience, He created where he collected knowledge based on strategy and tactics and delivered it on iPods and iPads using iTunes to organize and streamline the information. boasts helping over 30 firemen and officers get promoted since its creation in2004.

John Kennedy Wilson was promoted to Captain in May 2006. was built to share knowledge and expectations and to create a plan and to  capture dreams with the hope of bringing a new style of entertainment, education & experience to the masses so that everyone can participate and discover their inner artist and use to capture their dreams and then deliver their  many talents to the world.

Wilson has always had GREAT EXPECTATIONS  and never lost the desire to paint and has created memories of the characters and personalities  he has encountered along the way  and he has captured them in oils and presented below.

ARTIST: John Kennedy Wilson


“SPLASH!” 2013

“Shock” 2011

“The Baby” 2011

“Uncle Jack” 2008

“JOHAN” 2008

“Dancing on the Green” 1994